Life is a glorious journey that is full of challenging choices and the choices that we make is what it is that makes or mars our future.

It was during her teenage years that Runjhun Sharma discovered her gift of INTUITION. She was able to predict, could read thoughts and even understand what was to lie ahead, creating an amazing impact in her circle of friends and relatives. Even though she had been an introvert throughout her school life, her abilities helped her to gain great insights into the life and minds of people around her, which proved to be really beneficial in helping those who would often consult her. Later on as her intuition strengthened, her life started to take on a definite path, the path that she realized was meant to be her true calling.

In the year 2012 she met her Spiritual Guide Ms. Meenu Minocha, under whose guidance she was able to access her innate gifts and tap more deeply into the power of her subconscious mind. Harnessing these gifts and honing her skills then became a part of her lifelong journey, a journey on which she embarked enthusiastically. Ever since, her life has been a constant meditation, enhancing her intuitive powers, nurturing her gift of clairsentience, seeking out ways and means to revitalize people's lives and guide them in making the right choices.

Blessed by the Divine, protected by Angels, in tune with the Universal energy, hers is a dedicated path of compassionate upliftment.