Past life regression is a healing therapy. The first thing that you need to understand that your soul has been born many times and seen a lot through its journey of birth. With the birth cycle each time you incarnate there are lessons to be learned, karma to be resolved , wisdom acquired and even scars to be healed.

Our soul is the witness that has acquired all the memories from all the lifetimes one has been through, these memories are energetic charges that continue to effect the individual in each lifetime and even the one that they are going through presently. If things from past life are undone, the vows made, failures understood, mistakes forgiven, debts resolved and even things like love, relationships, sudden death trauma and guilt too are a part of it. These often form a pattern negative or positive in current life of any individual. Health issues, emotional troubles, trauma, fear, loss anything even talent and life purpose too. These can enhance or destroy your current life depending on the impact it causes.


  • Visiting your past memories and releasing the negativity will change life.
  • You will be set free of that negative pattern or bad karma.
  • You will be able to lead a peaceful and happy life financially and personally.
  • Your old wounds or emotional scars will be healed and make you a confident person.