Project 1


Numerology is a branch of the esoteric study that is related to mystical relationship between the numbers and the action or the character of the living beings and even physical objects.

Project 2


Past life regression is a healing therapy. The first thing that you need to understand that your soul has been born many times and seen a lot through its journey of birth.

Project 3


Aura and Chakra are essential life force of any individual that carries negativity or positivity. Aura is a kind of energy circle around you that can be ruptured with negative thoughts, disease, paranormal entities and even negativity sent by another to harm you.

Project 4


The Tarot is an amazing divination method of taking a look at what life has to offer and how a specific situation is about to pan out for you. Whether it is personal, relationships, emotional troubles, negative patterns, looking into possibilities or seeking guidance on current situation, you get a clear picture on any part of your life.

Why you need a spiritual catalyst?

Each individual has an Aura or energy field that contains imprints. Any disturbance to the Aura affects the individual on a deeper emotional and physical level. Whether it is your illness, your phobia, negative life patterns, or life issues each have an imprint in your Aura. These issues possibly have roots in your past and in your karmic lifecycle that are hard to decipher. However, with the right spiritual guidance it is possible to address it all.

To live a smooth life it is essential to seek the right guidance, burning questions answered, receive help to remove it, to understand roots of chronic illness, for leading a happy life and to break the negative pattern. Discover how you too can live a life that you always wanted through my guidance and begin a journey towards a new path that is fulfilling.

I offer help through Energy healing, PLR(Past Life Regression), Numerology and Tarot Reading sessions.

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